Prinz Productions in Portugal
By: Sebastian Prinz   (2016-04-06)

Our South African production season is still active, fun and happening for the rest of April and into May, but we are looking forward to spring and summer in Portugal where the new season is already underway.

Over to Andre Loftus, who arrived there this morning:
With the days getting shorter in Cape Town now, and nights getting colder I’ve been looking forward to our northerly migration to Portugal. We’re still busy in Cape Town in April, and have already done our first job in Lisbon. AND this year is going to be a special one.

Since starting in Lisbon quite a few years ago now, Joao Pedro Viseu will be joining our production team full time, working with Mariana and Catarina.

This is an exciting prospect for the future of Prinz Productions in Portugal and I look forward to working side by side with JP!

Over this last European winter, we’ve scouted Madeira and also discovered some great new locations in the lovely cities of Porto and Lisbon (our base).
We’re looking forward to hosting our teams this coming season and our Portuguese crew can’t wait to show you how wonderful a stills production in Portugal can be!
Come and join us in the Lisboa and beyond!