Gary Engel

By: Sebastian Prinz   (2014-11-06)

We're kicking off a new series on our blog with short profiles of some of the wonderful photographers we work with here in Cape Town, in Portugal, Mauritius and all over the world.

First under the spotlight is Gary Engel, an amazing and dynamic photographer, whom we had the delight and pleasure of working with on one of our recent productions in Portugal.

“The combination of sports, fashion and lifestyle in photo and film raises interesting synergies to put together productions and deliver everything from one source!” - Gary Engel

Photographer Gary Engel works in the areas of Fashion, Sports and Lifestyle  for a wide variety of clients, amongst them Otto Group, Sport Scheck, Engelhorn, Burda Group, Gorgeous, Marie Claire, Men's Health, Woman's Health, Puma, Sony and many more!

Usain Bolt photographed by Gary Engel

His work takes him to many corners of this world, from the mountains of Switzerland and Austria to the great plains of Colorado, charming Portugal, from Miami to LA, Namibia and repeatedly to our beautiful city of Cape Town!

Fashion photography by Gary Engel

Please visit his website: We look forward to welcoming you back to Cape Town soon, Gary!