Esther Haase

By: Sebastian Prinz   (2015-12-14)

Esther Haase photographerThis month's featured photographer is the extravagant and elegant Esther Haase, who worked with Prinz Productions in 2015 on a fabulous shoot for Stihl.

Esther Haase: “…so here we go, what inspires me…”

What inspires you as a photographer and your photography?
life, fairy tales, books, pictures, films, exhibitions, fashion / clothes ... .all that I see, read, hear ... a woman sitting in a café.


Where are your favourite locations in the world to shoot and why?

I like places with history, similar to the old Hacienda where we shot for a day on this production. Also for example Havana, Paris, Vienna, Rome ... but I also love places that resemble a studio. Then the human/model is the most important and unrivaled. Its like watching an on-stage performance. Examples are La Mirage, Salt Lakes in Tunisia, Sankt Peter Ording, White Sands, or the construction of the Pavilion of Mies van der Rohe, the Jewish Museum of Liebeskind… classic graphic architecture in which man as a form comes into action.

Your favourite world location personally?

I love places that surprise me, not the places I have seen thousands of times before but instead the places that are unfamiliar and fresh to the eye and ready to be explored.

Tell us about your shoot for Stihl in Cape Town with Prinz Productions in March 2015.

It was an incredibly beautiful production. We were in different places from haciendas to lagoons and swamp savannah with huge dead trees, desert wildlife and everything was just so poetic. Great huge sets with stories. Even though I have been in South Africa many times, I was amazed at the variety of places from tropical to desert, Cuban flair, Canadian vibe, the whole world in one country, we only lacked snow… Hang on that’s not true, we had that too;) ) ) )
snow, fog, tame cheetahs, Huskies, horses, everything we wanted plus a fantastic production team, client and agency ... it was like taking a trip with good friends, plus incredible South African food and wine and a lot of sun ; ) ) ) ) I confidently speak of a dream production and also compliment the natural and sporty superb models.

All images by Esther Haase.