Hands-on in Portugal - André reports back
By: Sebastian Prinz   (2014-08-11)

With André Loftus spending a lot of time in Portugal at the moment assisting with Productions and setups, our blog team asked him for first hand feedback on the ins and outs of what’s happening in Portugal. He took the time to fill us in…


Tell us about the current production season in Lisbon. What type of shoots are choosing Portugal?

We had a very early start to the season this year, with our first clients arriving in March. Most jobs we have produced for the last few years have been for Catalogue clients. However, next week we are doing an advertising campaign for a European medical product, taking us to interesting and varied locations, including hospitals, artist studios, beach bars, a florist and a beautiful theatre. Most of our clients come from Germany, Scandinavia, France, the UK and recently Spain.

Have you seen any particular trends in the locations clients are using?

For advertising, trends are difficult to judge. That we leave to our advertising agency clients, who are experts in their field. In the field of catalogues, if you look after Sport clients you will be checking out locations that feature modern clean lines. For high fashion it will be upmarket modern or historic streets, while for streetwear we look out for streets and locations that are more run-down and not as pristine. The beauty of Lisbon is that it has parts that are wonderfully un-manicured, alongside the very upmarket and modern. People are starting to find that Lisbon has it all.

What have been your favourite locations to shoot at?

For me personally, the beach. If you can end any day by swimming in the sea, then it’s a great location!
The beach bar culture in Lisbon, where you can have a cold beer and an octopus salad after a hard days’ work is fantastic!

Are there any significant memorable moments from your time in Portugal?

Having a dinner at St Antonio de Alfama with a great team of people and listening to some beautiful live music afterwards. You sit outside in a courtyard under vines, surrounded by apartments that have been there for centuries, eating the best of what Portugal has to offer.
Playing a game of tennis at the Monsanto Club also counts as one of my most memorable moments. It is set in a beautiful area.
Europe in summer is a really unique and special place, with an atmosphere that you just can’t get enough of.

What has been the most challenging/complex request that the Prinz team had to deal with in Portugal this season?

Although there might often be a challenge or a complex request, as part of our culture at Prinz Productions ‘there is always a solution’. We will always find the way to make something happen for our clients. This can sound almost absurd, but if your attitude is right little can stop you. I will add that thus far this season nothing especially complex comes to mind.

How’s the rest of the season looking in Portugal?

We have a few confirmed jobs already, one starting this week.
Everybody is welcome to come and find out how great Portugal is. It is still a hidden jewel in Europe ready to be discovered.