From Cape Town to Portugal
By: Sebastian Prinz   (2016-05-17)

From the relative quiet and calm at the end of May in Cape Town, we’re looking back on a season that went by in a flash of incredibly varied activity. From small to big we had it all this season, in the hub of Cape Town where everything and everyone gathers. From beach to mountain, city streets to ‘big top’ studio set, we’ve been living out our motto of ‘anything is possible’ and it feels like we have accomplished all manner of the “impossible” again!

Prinz Productions - Cape Town Locations 2016

We had the most beautiful of wildlife creatures with us on set including cheetahs, lions and zebra just to mention a few.

Prinz Productions - wild animals on set Cape Town 2016

We are looking forward to whatever future wild and wacky, challenging and fun shoots are in store for us, both next season here in Cape Town from September onwards, and in the current busy season that is now happening for us in Portugal. We welcome it all.

The spring months brought plenty of sunshine in Lisbon, but also the inevitable occasional rain. Needless to say not even heavy downpours could stop us from getting a job done and we had great fun.

Prinz Productions - spring rain on location in Portugal 2016

Now summer is arriving in Portugal, and our shoot schedule is hotting up too with plenty of action as Andre Loftus experienced from the first day of his arrival in Lisbon.

Prinz Productions - on location in Portugal Spring 2016